ARMIN STROM presents in collaboration with Projekt8 the Bahrain pearl limited edition

The Manual "Al Nokhitha"

It is widely believed that Bahrain is home to the world’s best pearls.  Pearls that, during the golden age (1850 - 1930) were considered to be one of the most coveted gemstones that were worth more than diamonds and attracted buyers such as Jacques Cartier to its small islands. Today the Island famously bans cultured pearls from being imported in an attempt to protect the heritage of the natural pearl industry that Bahrain is known for, after the near collapse of the industry in the 1930s.

In collaboration with Projekt8 and based on the Manual model, Armin Strom created an eight-piece limited edition named “Al Nokhitha” which translates to “The Capitan”. This title was used as a form of respect for captains even well into their retirement. This limited edition serves as a homage to the rich history and heritage of Bahrain’s pearling industry. Al Nokhitha features a naturally formed Bahraini pearl certified by the Bahrain Institute for Pearls and Gemstones [] on the dial side and a hand engraving of an Arabian dow on the case back. Those details perfectly complimenting this nautically themed edition and is suited for the modern day person who strives to be ‘The Captain’ and driving force in their chosen field.

The Armin Strom Manual model features the in-house Calibre AMW11 movement with 5-day power reserve. The absence of a full dial reveals the intricate workings of the movement in all their beauty. The time display is also unmistakable, with the slightly horizontally off-centre hour and minute hands.